CS190J, Winter 2018



num ready? description assigned due
h00 true Bios and Photos Thu 01/18 09:30AM Mon 01/22 08:00AM
h01 true Summarize research paper Thu 01/25 03:30PM Fri 02/09 08:00AM
h02 false Reading assignment on teaching debugging Fri 02/02 09:30AM Mon 02/12 08:00AM
proj01 false Observed 1-on-1 help session Thu 02/08 03:30PM Thu 02/22 05:00PM
proj02 false Final report Thu 01/18 03:30PM Fri 03/16 05:00PM


num date description
Lecture 1 Thu 01/18 Orientation to the course(Diba)
Lecture 2 Thu 01/25 Teaching Tips for CS, Continued; and a Game
Lecture 3 Thu 02/01 Preview of 1-1 explanations (Phill); Teaching Tips for CS continued (Diba)
Lecture 4 Thu 02/08 Practice with 1-1 explanations (Phill)
Lecture 5 Thu 02/15 Diba: Talk about the tutor program (ALSO: TIMECARDS!) (ALSO: TIMECARDS!)
Lecture 6 Thu 02/22 Diba: Assisting students on Programming Assignments (Richert and Phill are at SIGCSE)
Lecture 7 Thu 03/01 CS Ed Research Lightning Talks
Lecture 8 Thu 03/08 Lightning talks (continued)
Lecture 9 Thu 03/15 Wrap up (Phill)